Our office supplies are sometimes scattered almost everywhere; you can see a pair of scissors in our bedroom, a double-sided tape on the dining table, a few pens in a mason jar, or a glue on a fridge. It's such a mess, I know, so when we had an empty Zesto-O box available, I decided that it's time to give our office supplies a permanent "shelter". :D

I used old magazines to cover the box, and what I did was make the covers look like they had been woven. Take a look at one of them:
By the way, I used glue to secure the pages while "weaving" each of them.

I don't have a photo of the Zesto-O box, but I assume that you're aware of how it looks like. :)

This is an easy DIY project, because you already have a ready-made box; all you need to do is to cover it with something nice to make it look presentable. Remember that this is something that other people will see inside your home, so make it look pretty decent looking, if not extremely decent looking.

Here's the recycled Zesto-O box, and it's always within my reach because here lies some of our important stuff. We have post-its, pens, small notebook, scotch tape, double-sided tape, a few Elmer's glue, label stickers, scissors, stapler, and more. Yeah, they all fit in this box.
You're free to put some decors if you wish. I attached that huge fabric flower that came with the long beaded necklace I've never used.

Boxes and old magazines can be recycled. With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with something that can be of use to declutter (and beautify) your happy home. Additionally, recycling is good for our Mother Nature, so try to be good and sweet by recycling and reusing what you can. :)

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