This is very basic, meaning anyone can do this in just a couple of minutes. All you need is a petroleum jelly, which, by the way, helps prevent chapping and drying of lips, a blush or eyeshadow in powder form, mini spatulas for mixing, and a small container for the mixture itself.
You see, I have tons of mineral makeup (used and unused), so the minute I decided that I want to try this out, I was able to prepare everything I need immediately. I also have petroleum jelly available, as well as a couple of small containers and mini spatulas.

Simply combine petroleum jelly and your blush/eyeshadow makeup, and be sure to mix them well.

Here it is! Also, don't forget to clean the edges of the container.
It appears to be red orange in color, but take a look at the actual shade when applied. I just love how subtle the color is!
And best of all, I love how it's going to make my lips uber soft 24/7! :D

It makes a wonderful gift for your dear mom, sisters and girl friends. You can put a cute, personalized label on the lid, or you can also tie a nice ribbon around the container.

This project is so addicting! Aside from the fact that it can be done in less than 10 minutes, you get to experiment on a lot of colors, plus your lips are sure to look super luscious throughout the day (and night)!

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