It's now time for me to put something on the wall, particularly in the dining area, so I decided to purchase a chalkboard, colored chalks and scrapbook embellishments to decorate the board. My main goal for our dining area is to have a splash of colors (which made me purchase pastel-colored placemats), so here's what I did with the chalkboard:
Please bear with my handwriting; I know that it kind'a ruined the beauty of the chalkboard, but Anton's handwriting is worse than mine, so I had no choice, but to write on it myself. Nevertheless, I find the quote really suitable for any dining area. These things actually are what I would like us to do whenever we sit down to eat. Each week, though, I'd write different quotes on this board to keep us inspired. :)

I'm almost done with the other DIY project I'm creating, so I'll keep you guys posted.

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