I love creating invites, monograms and what have you, and because Charlene, hubby's closest cousin, is getting hitched for the second time (with the same guy, of course), I decided to make a few layouts that she may want to make use of for her big day. Here are the monograms I created for her:
And these 3 are much better than our monogram, I must admit; it's just that I want something modern just so it complements our wedding theme. Charlene's wedding theme, on the other hand, is old vintage glam, so the layouts above are simply perfect! Here's ours, by the way. Kind'a odd, isn't it? But hubby and I love it still!
Finally, here are the invitation and missalette layouts I created. I removed some of the details for confidentiality purposes. Whether they use these layouts or not, I am still going to keep 'em on my hard drive! :)
Aren't they neat looking? I also want to show you the layouts I made for my godson, and yes, on the last two images, I was also the one who took the pictures of that cute, little boy. Believe it or not, that black background was only made of two black cardboard papers that Rae and I taped on the wall. :D You see, it only takes a little resourcefulness, and you can come up with a photo that looks like it was taken at a photography studio. ;)
Jay and Rae chose the 3rd image for their son's invite, whereas the last image was made as a backdrop.

My next project is Charlene and Why's wedding cord, and you know what? I guess I am much more excited than them!


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