A week ago, I decided once and for all that my next purchase is going to be curtains for our bedroom. Lucky for me, as I got a hold of a cheap bedroom curtain that doesn't look cheap at all. For P500, I brought home a 2-panel curtain that somewhat helps darken our bedroom. I saw a blackout curtain, but I find it too expensive, and besides, curtains aren't really our first priority for now, so I settled for what I purchased. I was so excited to have Anton set it up the day I purchased it, so I can see if it can lessen the amount of light that comes in from the window. Here's a photo I took early in the morning (without flash):
And the second photo, obviously, was taken with a flash. :)

The photos don't do justice to my newly purchased curtain; it actually looks more beautiful when it's seen in person. While it does little to block the sunlight, at least my eyes no longer experience soreness from too much light, although I still keep my eye mask within reach. Yes, I still need an eye mask.

Another reason why I felt like I got a great deal is because of the material used to make this curtain. The fabric is quite thick I'm sure it's going to last for a long time even after numerous washes, plus I love the simplicity of the design (gray and white stripes).

So, am I pleased with my purchase? Absolutely! For P500, I got a 2-panel curtain that looks like I purchased it for a thousand bucks. :)


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