Sis Bev, a w@wie bride, asked me if I can create a layout for her table numbers. She wants something simple and minimal and would like these cute teddy bears to be included. The cutesy bears, by the way, were also incorporated in their wedding monogram.

This was the initial design I made for her. She told me her table numbers should have that "garden-feel" look.
Then she requested for a simpler design, and Bev certainly loves the second layout! Much simpler, isn't it? :)
I created a total of 18 table numbers + the one I made especially for the VIPs. :)

More more projects to come. Overwhelmed with so many requests, but I'm absolutely happy and fulfilled. :)

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Marlon & Bev
11/28/2012 14:23:28

Thanks Charm! You're an angel! We're blessed and honored to be one of the couples you have accommodated, words can't express our gratitude, keep it up and we salute you! Hugs!

12/1/2012 22:10:55

Hi sis! W@wie bride here :) can you send me your rates for your services?



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