Sis Margaux, a w@wie bride, asked me to help her design her missalette cover. She's getting hitched this month (yahoooo!), so I decided to do a few missalette cover layouts for her right away. She wants a travel-inspired layout, and making these designs was quite a challenge for me. It's not going to be a problem if it's a monogram, but incorporating a travel-themed design onto a missalette cover is something I haven't done in my entire life. I can't do what I want to do, thinking that the church might ask Margaux to change her missalette cover. Well, there are churches that are extremely "conservative", so I did my best shot and came up with these designs. I just hope that the church where Margaux is getting married at won't make a fuss over these.

Her motif, by the way, is a combination of gray and yellow.
I give a round of applause and a big hug and lots of kisses to my hubby dearest for sharing his idea on the last layout. He told me to put a globe in the middle and place passport, luggage, airplane, and map on 4 corners, representing north, south, east, and west. He has a really good point! We make a great team, don't we?

Until my next post! :)

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